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In the United States, the term “CV” is typically used interchangeably with “resume” and serves the same purpose. A CV (Curriculum Vitae) in the US is a document that presents an individual’s skills, qualifications, work experience, and education to prospective employers. It is used for job applications in various industries and professions.

The primary purpose of a US CV is to highlight the candidate’s relevant work experience and skills that make them a suitable candidate for a particular job. It provides a concise summary of a person’s professional background and qualifications. Employers use CVs to evaluate candidates and determine their suitability for a position.

A well-crafted US CV generally includes the following sections:

  1. Contact Information: Name, address, phone number, and email address.
  2. Professional Summary or Objective Statement: A brief statement summarizing your skills, qualifications, and career goals.
  3. Work Experience: A detailed list of your previous jobs, including job titles, company names, dates of employment, and descriptions of your responsibilities and accomplishments.
  4. Education: Information about your educational background, including degrees earned, institutions attended, and relevant certifications or training.
  5. Skills: A section highlighting your relevant skills, such as technical skills, language proficiency, or specific software knowledge.
  6. Achievements: A section where you can showcase any notable achievements, awards, or honors.
  7. Certifications or Licenses: Information about any professional certifications or licenses relevant to the position.
  8. Professional Memberships: Optional section where you can mention any professional associations or memberships.
  9. References: Similar to the UK, it is generally not necessary to include references on your CV, but you can state that they are available upon request.


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